The Si2 Approach

We are a virtual company with low overhead. We don‘t use expensive offices in prime downtown areas, but operate out of 2nd tier locations. However we invest in and utilize technology to collaborate, produce and deliver our services as well as manage our administration, maintaining a low cost base.

Unlike conventional consultancies and professional services firms, our assignments are not delivered by many junior associates under a partner, but by senior consultants/practitioners with outstanding competence and many years experience in their field. We do employ associates to support us but the ratio of associates to partners is the inverse of conventional consulting firms (1:10, rather than 10:1).

We use technology as much as possible to produce and deliver our services. Through our platform our clients have access to us and our network and to customized relevant content. This helps us reduce travel time and cost, accelerate project delivery and minimize disruption at client sites. We can then maximize productivity of direct contact time with our clients.

We unbundle our services to suit clients‘ needs. We don‘t only offer end-to-end solutions, but enable clients to dose and use our capabilities and expertise as they require, on a timely basis and on-demand.

We guarantee our quality and our fees reflect our high productivity and lower cost base. Whenever possible we link our payment to client satisfaction and outcomes. For clients requiring on-going, low-dose support in developing, improving or changing their business we provide a flexible subscription model including agreed levels of high quality insight and expertise as well as management and business development support at a lower cost than an additional employee.