Si2 Partners’ Nick Frank presented at Maximize Europe 2016, a ServiceMax conference in Amsterdam on “Where to start with Servitization and what are the enablers”.  This was followed by an interactive discussion with the 40-50 attendees, using exchange and flip charts rather than power point, to build on the knowledge in the room.

The main topic of discussion was the challenges of moving from “product thinking” to “customer outcomes” and how successful companies always seem to pass through four phases of maturity before being able to arrive at their goal. Another important topic was that while many leaders focus on the managerial aspects of the transformation journey, not enough effort is made to align the culture and motivate and support people in the process.

Notes on the discussion can be downloaded using this link 161108-where-to-start-with-servitization-and-what-are-the-enablers_nick-frank