Nick Frank from Si2 Partners played a key role in the development of a UK National Strategy for Engineering Services working  with the country’s leading industrial companies and institutes. The strategy will be launched on 5th July at the IET London and has been sponsored by the British parliament.Si2 part of development of a national strategy

Chris White MP, Co-Chair, All-Party Parliamentary Manufacturing Group said:

‘The developing trend of ‘servitised manufacturing’ is a specific example of UK innovation that has allowed early adopters to develop successful differentiated offerings in the global market’

For the first time an expert analysis by Professor Alan Hughes of Cambridge University has identified that around 16.8% or £275Bn of the UK’s economy is attributable to sectors that could be influenced by Engineering Services. He identified that through adoption of these new service orientated business models such as Through Life Engineering Services, £31.6bn of new value could potentially be generated. That is equivalent to 1.9% of additional GDP.

Chris White sums up the politicians’ view:

“The opportunity is one that we must seize. We need to better integrate capability development and innovation between manufacturing, engineering and technology, between engineering and business model innovation, and across sectors’

The strategy has an ambitious goal to achieve a 20% reduction in cost with a 20% improvement in asset availability across more than £20Bn of UK economiTES Life cyclec output: a 20:20 vision.

There is no doubt this would be a significant transformation of national productivity and global competitiveness

A central element to the proposal is that the industrial sponsors of the strategy, such as Rolls Royce, Babcock, BAE and Siemens,  commit to forming a cross-sector National “TES Council” to inspire UK industry and  lead delivery of these benefits.

The National Strategy , will be launched 5th July at the IET in London, where the objective is to seek government support for this venture. Following  this event the strategy and supporting documents will be published.

If you are interested in attending the event, you can contact Andy Shaw, Secretary to the Steering Team and Manager of the TES Centre at Cranfield at