Si2 On-Demand

Si2 Partners Launches new On-Demand Insights, Problem Solving and Support Service for Product and Industrial Service Businesses


Si2 On-Demand helps companies achieve business objectives faster, with lower risk and less cost: Rapid problem Solving, Insights and Support in Remote Session Deep Dives: For Service Leaders by Service Leaders

Every single day, business leaders must deal with problems, crises and challenges. Whether acute or chronic, operational or strategic, technical or commercial, they take up most of their time and effort. In fact, solving problems is what managers are there for in the first place.

Challenges however, may be new or not encountered before. Some problems prove intractable, persistent or require disproportionate resource investments. In other cases, a solution might be obvious, but implementation difficult; Data could be lacking to make a decision or to validate uncertain assumptions. And finally, know-how or resources may simply not be available.

It is for these situations that Si2 Partners created Si2 ON-Demand: Remote sessions with Experts, backed up by analyst and research resources to solve problems and get things done faster, with less mistakes, at lower cost and less risk! – A fresh new approach!

Si2 Experts are Service Leaders in their own right, highly experienced and with strong backgrounds in service-progressive leading companies or consultancies. They come from many different industry sectors and between them address many specialties. They can rapidly identify with a situation or challenge, because, usually, they have been there before.

So whether a manager’s challenge is service strategy or contract sales, pricing or risk management, parts logistics or the Internet of Things, field service performance or service transformation, Si2 On-Demand probably has it covered. And that includes also specialist topics such as reverse logistics, obsolescence, large bids and design of performance contracts, or 3D printing and many more.

Si2 ON-Demand is a manager’s resource, available rapidly, when it’s needed and tailored to a manager’s exact requirements. It is scalable to any service related topic or challenge and is very cost effective! It can even be permanently integrated into an organization like an extended workbench to fill in for missing know-how, resources or capacity.

Through Si2 ON-Demand managers have “always ON” access to expertise to help them solve problems, provide insights, get new ideas and industry outside-in thinking to validate their own or, provide extra short term brain and brawn capacity. And Si2 Partners is building the strongest Expert resource in the market.

Si2 On-Demand offers a strong alternative to losing time, overusing internal resources or initiating expensive and often disruptive consulting projects when they are not really necessary.

For more information on Si2 ON-Demand visit the Si2 On-Demand page, contact Si2 Partners [email protected] with the heading “On Demand” or call to arrange a trial:

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