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We at Si2 Partners wish you a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year 2017!

The year 2016 saw the coming of age of the “sharing”, “collaborative” or “access” economy and it is already having a major impact on how we work. Essentially it is about achieving desired outcomes more effectively with less resources.

For example, in transportation and mobility Uber is transforming the market, upending not just the taxi industry, though it was the first to feel the disruption, but the automotive industry as a whole. In just a few short years Uber’s valuation rivals or exceeds those of large automotive manufacturers. Yet Uber’s basic business model is exceedingly simple: Provide affordable, convenient transport, while enabling private citizens to earn extra income by both working and better utilizing underused assets -their own cars. And the reason Uber has grown so fast is not because it took market share from taxis and public transport (though it did), but because it expanded the market. Millions of journeys which would have been undertaken in private cars or not at all are now undertaken through Uber. The company’s model is challenging the very idea of car ownership -why own underutilized, expensive assets when hiring a service is easy and cost effective? The powerful economics of „sharing“ and “access” has resulted in many market entries. From now household names like Airbnb in hospitality, to new entrants in B2B in developed as well as in emerging markets. For example, a company in Nigeria provides On-Demand tractors with drivers to farmers, another, in the US, On-Demand construction equipment while still another is enabling On-Demand waste collection and management.

For us at Si2 Partners, the question is can this concept be adopted and applied to help companies and managements solve problems, gain insights or procure support for their day-to-day work in a more convenient and cost effective way? We decided to try this in our own niche (services in industrial, manufacturing, technical contexts) and are testing Si2 ON-Demand. Our model is simple: We are building a very strong network of service management knowhow / “Deep Smart” Experts: Top service business veterans, consultants and analysts from different industries and with complementary skillsets along with a growing library of relevant resources. They can be easily accessed by managers and their teams through deep dive remote sessions for tactical problem solving, strategic advice and insights as well as support for executing assignments -from drafting a business plan, conducting a competitive analysis or supporting a large bid. The costs and risks are substantially less than they would be for hiring permanent resources or initiating formal consulting projects and the response much faster. What’s more, the resource is there when needed and gone when it’s not (a variable cost) and at Si2 Partners we guarantee the quality of our work.

So, if you are interested in our concept and to help us tailor it to your needs, we’d like to ask you to take a few minutes to complete a short survey by following this link. All participants can claim 3 hours of free ON-Demand Advisory and Support from the Si2 Network and a free copy of our report „Digitization in the Aftermarket“ (in preparation). For further information on Si2 ON-Demand, please visit our website, view the Si2 On-Demand presentation or contact us. You can also call us or email:


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