Si2 Partners Nick Frank interviews Dave Gordon on service transformation journey he has been on with Rolls Royce Defence’s business.

Although Rolls Royce is a leading global manufacturing business, many people do not realise that over 50% of its revenues are now generated through Services. Initially Services became a strategic contributor to growth in their Civil business as they reacted to customer and market pressures.

In his own very engaging way, Dave Gordon describes about how the defence business has taken these processes and embedded them into its core offering. As VP of Service Strategy and currently LiftSystem Programme Director on the new lightening fighter, he is uniquely positioned to talk about the transformation from improving operational reliability, to providing sophisticated advanced services, delivered through customer located Service Delivery Centres that guarantee availability of engine power at take-off.

Key to this journey has been changing people’s mind-set through the metric of ‘Customer Disruption Cost’. He explains the importance of data analytics in operating and innovating new services, but stresses that the security of customer data and intellectual property is key to building a trusting collaboration with the customer. Its not only a journey for the OEM, customers also have to step back from describing ‘what they want’, to ‘where they want to be’. So ‘Creating the future’ is all about developing the relationship and harnessing innovation around customer value.

This interview was sponsored by the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals (ISSIP) and undertaken in partnership with Kris Oldland from Field Service News