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Jaw Jaw or War War… where do you fit!

Winston Churchill understood that people can be influenced in two ways: either their minds have been opened or their heart broken. Opening minds requires talk, exchange of views and reflection. Service Boot Camp is one of the enablers leaders can choose to help them achieve their goals faster!

Brexit: An opportunity for Service Growth

We believe Service Executives across the world should see Brexit as an opportunity for increasing their influence on companies growth plans. Most economic commentators believe that the medium term growth prospects for the UK and even the global economy have been severely dented, but these strengthening headwinds should also act […]

Finding the measure that drives your service business

As a Field Service manager, imagine having one Key Performance Indicator in your business that could predict how your customers will experience your equipment. One simple measure that your teams could use as a focus for their primary mission; to ensure customers remain satisfied, loyal and profitable. The limitations of […]

Internet of Things and the need for Big Imagination

The Internet of Things (IoT) is all marketing hype and of little value or relevance to SME’s It may be a question of perspective, but the fact of the matter is that unless you do something with the data generated by these technologies, then there is no added value. It’s […]

Service Thinking: The pathway to business growth

In May 2015’s edition of the The Manufacturer,  Nick Frank is interviewed on why he believes Service Thinking is the pathway to business growth. “I am an industrial person”, Nick Frank tells The Manufacturer and before starting his management consultant career, Frank worked for more than 25 years as a senior manager in industry. […]

Service Thinking is not just for big companies

“Service Thinking is just for big companies!” WRONG, I suggest you think again! In my experience of the manufacturing industry, those companies that achieve an EBITDA of 20-35% do so because they have found a way to have a significant influence on their customer’s business’s profitability. Partly it is achieved […]