Management Insights

The challenges of solutions strategies

A successful solutions business is hard to implement. Whether or not it is the right competitive approach depends on a company’s strength in the market, how well it knows its customers (domain knowledge) and to what extent it is willing to invest in the necessary capabilities (possibly meaning a permanent […]

Value Based Services: A Choice for Long Term Strategic Advantage not Short Term profitability. Examples from the Healthcare Industry

Within the general servitization buzz the talk is a lot about transitions to outcome or performance based services, where a supplier contracts with a customer for outcomes -not activities- and gets paid accordingly. OEMs often bundle products and services into solutions (product-service systems) to produce the outcome, Rolls Royce’s “power-by-the-hour” […]

Collaborate to Compete: Potential for Independent Service Companies

Part 1 Collaboration and new ecosystems made possible by technology are in vogue today, but they usually involve either some form of tighter integration along a value chain (supplier to customer), better project oriented cooperation within companies or the coalescing of industry participants around a central platform provider to access […]

Raising the design game to succeed in Outcome Based Services

The Historical context 50 years ago most companies that made stuff had a product focus sometimes known by academics as Goods Dominant logic, in which tangible products were sold. Now more and more business are moving to delivering outcomes under a Service Dominant logic approach. The change is profound! This […]

Service Transformation: More an Art than Process

The mistake many leaders in industry make, is to believe that defining a clear vision and strategy with ruthless follow up is the only recipe for success. This may indeed initiate change, but rarely do the results last. Often 3-4 years later, the business will be addressing the very same […]

Six attributes to look for in a top performing service business

Companies frequently review their approach and discuss how to become more explicit and attentive to their customers’ needs. Almost always this leads to a discussion about services. Service organisations represent the customer and the customer operations better than most other parts of the company due to their closeness and local […]