Our People

For our people we offer a different set-up than conventional consultancies. Our fee earners have an average of over 20 years post-qualification / post-degree operating experience, including as senior managers or consultants and have acquired considerable capabilities and expertise. They are looking to drive their careers forward on their own terms, engaging with and helping clients improve their business and solve problems, either on their own or working in teams together with like-minded, highly qualified professionals, often with complementary experience and skills. In each case our firm provides support, not only in back-office administration and as channel to market, but, crucially, in terms of accumulated know-how, ideas, methodologies and tools, investment in innovation and ability to put together and win large assignments. All our consultants contribute to our firm’s intellectual property, which enhances our credibility and provides us with competitive advantage.

Our culture is collegial, open, supportive and focused on clients and innovation. Our organization is flat and our people are able to develop themselves professionally and, without the constraints of traditional firms, can enjoy the work / life balance they prefer, including part-time work, longer vacations or periods off work, without losing access to clients or the market. In support of this we also provide insurance and holiday cover, as well as other benefits.