Our business

Our business is about helping clients leverage services to achieve critical objectives and improve their performance. We operate in the industrial and technology B2B markets all over the world, working with mid to large organizations, mainly from the private sector, as well as start-ups and investors.

We are small, but in our field we are cutting edge and our people are highly qualified practitioners blending strong managerial experience with consultancy or academia at top companies and institutions. We compete with large diversified consultancies and offer an attractive alternative for clients requiring deep smarts expertise, rapid ramp-up or a strong partner for sustained performance improvement, transformational change or business development. We agree deliverables with our clients and our fees are often tied to our ability to deliver results. We do not engage unless we think we can have a significant impact and deliver value rapidly with ROI at a multiple of the cost of our engagement.

Our goal is also to be innovators in the consulting industry through new business models for faster and better project implementation, enhanced client outcomes and reduced costs. Our offerings include end-to-end consulting solutions, management services and business execution, as well as unbundled, on demand management advisory and expert support, allowing clients to dose and use our capabilities and expertise as they require on a timely and flexible basis.

We are a virtual company with low overhead. We don‘t use expensive offices in prime downtown areas, but operate out of 2nd tier locations. However we invest in and utilize technology to collaborate, produce and deliver our services as well as manage our administration. Through our platform our clients have access to us and to customized relevant content. This helps us reduce travel time and cost, accelerate project delivery, reduce cost and minimize disruption at client sites. We can then maximize productivity of direct contact time with clients.

Unlike conventional consultancies, our assignments are not delivered by many junior associates under a partner, but by senior practitioners directly. We do employ associates to support us, but the ratio of associates to partners and senior consultants is the inverse of conventional consulting firms (1:10, rather than 10:1).