Senior practitioners / consultants should be remunerated for extensive expertise, business contacts, their ability to appeal to and engage with clients at senior levels, solve problems, make things happen and deliver results. Their opinion carries weight and they are thought leaders in our industry. Our consultants are therefore in full control over their earnings potential. They are compensated according to a standard formula which applies to all (excluding salaried associates and staff) regardless of experience or seniority in the firm:

  • 70% of fees for work for clients or assignments they have brought to the firm
  • 55% of fees for work for clients assigned by the firm or colleagues or for work within our “On- Demand” service
  • 15% of fees for work undertaken by colleagues or firm staff for clients or assignments they have brought to the firm
  • 10% of (subscription) fees generated by clients they have brought to our “On-Demand” service

Our compensation model encourages active client development, but also personal engagement, cooperation and teamwork. It is for senior practitioners and consultants who can operate and generate fees on their own, but who understand the value of being part of a team and appreciate the ability to invest in capabilities and innovation and the credibility required to attract major clients and win and execute large assignments successfully. Our consultants are free to negotiate and agree deliverables and, subject to risk reviews, agree fixed or performance based fees with clients.