We help our clients leverage services to gain competitive advantage, achieve critical business objectives and improve their business.

Services, in particular after sales services, provide a strategic anchor for many companies in diverse industries, aiming at a mix of maximizing customer loyalty and retention, generating additional revenues and profits from the installed base and defending against lower cost competitors. Now, however, technology is driving powerful shifts, fragmenting demand, transforming how companies operate and interact with customers, while enabling entirely new kinds of products and services. Products, in fact, increasingly defined by the outcomes they achieve and the data they generate, are really becoming services.

We have experience and deep smarts expertise in many industries, ranging from manufacturing and engineering and industrial and technical services to infrastructure, transport and energy. We also provide bespoke services to companies active in the new sharing economy, companies offering technology enabled services, start-ups and investors.

Manufacturing and Engineering

For many companies product support and after-sales services now constitute a strategic anchor. But products are no longer at the center of all things; They are increasingly defined by the outcomes they achieve and the data they generate. Data from products in the field become inputs for new services and customized solutions.

Industrial and Technical Services

Companies must find new ways to deliver on cost reductions (scale) or customer performance improvements (skills) and accept more risk, as customers focus on outcomes. The challenge for large players is to confront the intense competitive focus of OEMs on comprehensive services and to consolidate and drive gains from their larger size.

Infrastructure and transport systems

Investments in infrastructure must minimize burden on budgets, while ensuring adequate returns. Vendors and operators are turning to “as-a-service” business models with the objective of extracting full value from asset base. Superior O&M and improved customer experience, are now often mandatory to win projects, and make them bankable.

Utilities and New Energies

The power sector was jolted by the onset of distributed and renewable energies as well as energy efficiency initiatives. Rapidly falling costs in wind and solar make scale economies less valuable and distributed generation more attractive. And digitization is now transforming a traditional commodity into a sophisticated service offering.

Sharing Economy

Sharing Apps have powerful economics, as they reduce unit costs and expand markets. As native digital businesses, they display “network effects”. This fuels rapid growth and “winner takes all markets”. While the industrial B2B space is still open, first mover advantage with a powerful value proposition is crucial.

Investors and Startups

The industrial B2B service space is full of opportunities for entrepreneurs. From the sharing economy to the IIoT; From autonomous systems for inspections to new diagnostic tools for engineers; Or new ways to improve the customer experience. The applications are limited only by imagination and technology reach.