We help our clients leverage services to gain competitive advantage, achieve critical business objectives and improve their business. We do this  through our skills and expertise and strive to make a tangible contribution to their success.

We bring together capabilities covering most aspects of service businesses in industrial environments, from strategy and business model engineering, to technology and operations. We are experts in after-sales services, industrial asset management as practiced by vendors and we can help you drive outcome based initiatives and long term contracts.


Design and execute service-based strategies to gain market and competitive advantage, boost growth and sustain it in the future. We work with managements and their key stakeholders to outline choices, support decision making and drive change in a rapidly evolving business and technology environment.

Innovation and Design

Develop and successfully implement design thinking and innovative service-based business models, from initial market research to full deployment. We have a unique perspective on trends, technologies, customer demands as well as a solid understanding of potential pitfalls and risks.

Go To Market

Redesign or adjust go-to-market strategies and approaches. Identify decision networks and influencers, define customized value propositions, sharpen and individualize messages, and design effective customer journeys across multiple communication and interaction platforms.

Organizational Transformation

Understand how service driven change affects market positioning, customer relationships and the value creation process. Ensure the design and integration of service organizations advances new strategic priorities, enables scaling across markets and geographies, supports growth and improves and sustains performance.

Service Performance Management

Apply Lean Six Sigma concepts and methodologies along entire service value chain to eliminate waste, reduce cycle times and improve process and outcome quality. Focus on reducing complexity and attaining higher capital and asset productivity, improved resource utilization, better value to cost ratios and optimize customer experience.


Examine and conceptualize specific technology needs, based on business strategic and operational objectives. Deploy technology to address these needs, including basic systems design, selection of systems and vendors and client side project management of implementation and follow through.

After Sales Services

Develop best-in-class after-sales service businesses. Clarify and articulate service intent, optimize service positioning within the organization and enhance product-service relationships. Strengthen management capacity, understand markets and competitive threats, develop compelling strategies and drive operational performance.

Industrial Asset Management

Design and commercialize strong asset management offerings. Build necessary competences and knowhow, develop contracts, train site managers and staff and understand user industry requirements. Implement advanced methodologies and deploy technology to boost performance and meet or exceed contract objectives.

Outcome based Services

To be successful, companies must accept transformation risk and change business models and delivery systems: To be justified the model needs to scale. CSF’s include: Offerings and contract design; Assessing and managing risk; Value based pricing; Engaging and influencing customer behavior; Design and scaling of delivery system.

Service Procurement

Segment services and bundle, negotiate and close contracts based on objectives and supplier capabilities. Use service procurement for supply-base cost reductions. Analyze alternatives and perform compelling “make or buy” studies. Design contract incentives, Service Level Agreements and KPIs and develop appropriate base lines.