Si2 ON-Demand

Rapid problem solving; Insights and support for Service Leaders by Service Leaders -in short remote deep dive sessions

Si2 ON-Demand is a fresh new approach for leaders and their teams to get the advice and support they need to get things done: As they need it, when they need it and as much as they need -not more or less. Based on an evolving smart platform which provides access to expert practitioners and consultants and a growing insights library, you can engage with us to solve problems, get new ideas or validate your thinking. Or, if you have capacity constraints, use our specialists as an extended workbench to complete your tasks: Virtually, rapidly and cost effectively, wherever you are in the world.

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Creating the Solution focused Self Learning organisation to harness tomorrows technology

 ‘Profitable long term growth comes from having the right people in the right place at the right time.’ Technology although important, usually plays a secondary role. In todays fast moving world this might be an “off-message” statement, but the truth is that it is still people who deliver profits.  As […]
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The challenges of solutions strategies

A successful solutions business is hard to implement. Whether or not it is the right competitive approach depends on a company’s strength in the market, how well it knows its customers (domain knowledge) and to what extent it is willing to invest in the necessary capabilities (possibly meaning a permanent […]
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Value Based Services: A Choice for Long Term Strategic Advantage not Short Term profitability. Examples from the Healthcare Industry

Within the general servitization buzz the talk is a lot about transitions to outcome or performance based services, where a supplier contracts with a customer for outcomes -not activities- and gets paid accordingly. OEMs often bundle products and services into solutions (product-service systems) to produce the outcome, Rolls Royce’s “power-by-the-hour” […]
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Servitization: Manufacturing Paradigm Shift or Simply a Business Model?

Is ‘Servitization’ a paradigm shift in manufacturing or simply a manufacturing Business Model to deliver services specifically supporting the customer’s use of the manufactured product?
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Collaborate to Compete: Potential for Independent Service Companies (Part 2)

Based on the reasoning described in Part 1 of this article, we can conclude that for collaboration to make business and economic sense, in particular for smaller and medium sized companies such as most of those operating independently in technical / industrial (after sales) service markets, it must help make […]
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