If you are based in the UK and looking for a Field Service Management Solution, you might find this event interesting. Connect Field Service Management is a conference designed to allow managers who want to purchase a FSM solution to talk to a wide variety of solution providers in 1 day. It’s a kind of speed dating concept and a win win for solution providers and potential buyers.

It is being held next week in London(22nd February) and Si2 Partner’s Nick Frank will be running an workshop on how companies can maximise their investment from a FSM system.

Purchasing a best practice Field Service IT Solution is one important step businesses can take, as they look to shift from Product to Service Thinking. Most companies develop their business case based on the cost and efficiency savings that can be made, but this is less than half the potential benefit. This investment should be an important stepping stone in driving a much wider business transformation process and mindset change that enables revenue and profit growth. This interactive workshop will help leaders break down what can be an intimidating vision for growth, into smaller more actionable chunks. The key take-aways from the workshop will be:

  • A perspective on how services can become a strategic driver of business growth
  • What a transformation road map might look like
  • Provide an opportunity for a self assessment of your organisations challenges in achieving change
  • To gain insights into using cultural evolution to achieve profitability
  • Share experiences and challenges with other delegates