“Work-Out meant just what the words implied: taking unnecessary work out of the system.”

Jack Welch, former Chairman and CEO, GE

Workout is about three things:

  • Focusing the brainpower of all employees in a company to produce valuable ideas to solve problems
  • Expediting solution discovery and accelerating decision making
  • Taking out all obstacles and bureaucracy that prevent implementation

The process comprises a continuous series of high intensity work sessions to confront problems, make proposals and take decisions. It is highly useful to organizations undergoing strategic shifts such as service transitions, introducing radically new offerings and solutions to market or changing organizational and operational processes. It involves as many as possible “expert” employees from different functions, levels and backgrounds, as well as leaders and decision makers and creates a framework for efficient and accelerated execution, driving change, and mobilizing commitment. Leaders and managers must decide and employees can see ideas implemented rapidly –practically in real time.

Developed by GE in the early 1990’s, variations of Workout are widely used and can be highly effective to augment execution and performance improvement initiatives.

They create sustainable conditions for fast implementation of solutions, clear accountability, alignment of initiatives with strategic objectives and pinpoint and eliminate the areas of unnecessary bureaucracy and resource wastage. They allow companies to make full use of the intellectual firepower of all, particularly frontline, employees while forcing leaders… to lead (decisions must be made on the spot or by an agreed upon date).

We have significant experience guiding companies’ Workout processes, including as elements of larger business execution, transformation or operational improvement programs. Our services include process design, communication and “buy-in” program implementation, facilitation of work sessions, follow-up, institutionalization, training and manuals.