Delivering on business objectives demands that we  acquire those capabilities that help us differentiate from the competition. The same is true for service professionals as they look for the next steps in their career.  Yet matching needs with people is still recognized as one of the biggest challenges for employers and employees alike. Due to the broad nature of the service industry, this is especially true for companies and professionals working in the B2B Industrial world.

For this reason Si2Partners has launched the Career Hub as part of the Service in Industry thought leadership hub-site.

The Career Hub enables:

  • Company leaders to access to  Si2 Talent Management recruitment service with a track record of finding new service talent twice as fast as traditional approaches.
  • Industry professionals to find their next new challenge.
  • Access to advice and thought leadership articles on how to find and keep great service people.

As Dag Gronevik, Practice Lead at Si2 Partners advises, ‘Finding highly motivated people with the experience, knowledge and competencies to deliver,  who are able to  fit into new teams and organisations,  is a major management headache.  I know from my own experience as a Service Vice-President, the impact of getting this process wrong can be a costly, time consuming, and frankly devastating on objectives! Increasingly, service leaders are frustrated that to find talent whether it’d be sourced internally or externally is taking too long and with minimal choice’

Given these experiences, we decided to look at the route causes of this frustration. Whereas many head-hunters have developed dedicated expertise in finding well defined positions in areas such as IT, Finance and HR, very few provide the same level of competency in successfully searching for the modern service professional. Instead, head-hunters turn to websites such as LinkedIn as their primary tool for finding people. However, if you have ever tried to search for service people using these types of recruitment tools, you will discover that it is very difficult to pinpoint the type of positions and qualifications you require to fill your vacancies.  One of the main stumbling blocks is that service is such a widely used generic term that it identifies 1000’s of unsuitable candidates. Using company job titles seems a good idea because often these  make sense to people within the business, but in reality they bear little relevance to the outside world.  The result is that recruiters are forced to search for candidates with vague job titles which are difficult to match on the main social media platforms available today.

Alternative approaches such as on-line job boards have other challenges. Frequently job descriptions are not clear and easily understood. Candidates may apply based on their belief they work in the ‘Service’ industry, yet often are completely unsuitable for the job. Recruiters do not know which applicants match the ‘Service’ brief and are often overwhelmed with the volume of response.

For this reason Si2 have taken a completely new approach. We have combined the deep contextual knowledge of the talent required to successfully grow a service business in the Industrial domain, with a head hunting consultancy.  We actively use leading proprietary tools that offer clients and potential employees complete transparency in the search process.  Together we have developed a unique framework that allows job descriptions to be translated into the language of the social network. So effective is this new mix of skills and technology that we will  reduce the time to find candidates by more than 50%, as well as give you a broader range of options that will enrich your organsation.

And for those searching for jobs, we offer the opportunity to join up with ‘CareerLine‘ a new on-line APP for professionals to manage their careers, which we aim to make the largest source of Service Talent in the market.

You can find out more about the CAREER HUB through following this link, or if you would like to discuss further with a human being, you can contact Dag, the Si2 Practice lead on